Optimize Your Projects with AI-Powered Project Management

Enhance your project management capabilities with AI-driven tools that streamline tasks, improve coordination, and provide real-time insights, ensuring efficient and successful project completion.

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Common Project Management Issues

Inefficient Task Handling

Converting meeting discussions into actionable tasks manually is time-consuming and often leads to missed details and inefficiencies

Challenges in Team Coordination

Coordinating tasks and schedules across multiple teams can be challenging, leading to inefficiencies and miscommunication

Turning Meetings into Actionable Tasks

Manually converting meeting discussions into actionable tasks is inefficient and prone to errors, leading to incomplete task lists and missed deadlines

Optimize Your Projects with AI

Our AI-powered Project Management tool automates task creation from meeting discussions, enhances project context visibility, and provides accurate time estimates based on historical data, ensuring efficient and effective project execution

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  • Automated Task Conversion

    AI transforms meeting discussions into a detailed list of actionable tasks


    Saves time and ensures no important detail is missed, streamlining task management
  • Enhanced Context Visibility

    Provides a comprehensive view of the project and user context, highlighting potential issues


    Allows for early identification and resolution of problems, improving project outcomes
  • Accurate Time Estimation

    Estimates task completion times using historical data and AI analysis


    Helps in planning realistic timelines and resource allocation, ensuring projects stay on track

Discover the Advantages of
AI-Driven Time Management

Automated Task Reporting

Eliminates the need for manual reports and data entry, saving time and reducing errors

AI-Driven Data Extraction

Provides accurate and structured data for efficient tracking and analysis

Structured Data in Google Sheets

Simplifies data management and enables comprehensive reporting

Predictive Task Duration

Helps in planning and resource allocation by predicting how long tasks should take

How it works: Step-by-Step Guide

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Step 1

Leave Task Comments

Employees leave detailed comments under each specific task, specifying the time spent and what was done. Each person can use their specific system, like Jira, Asana, etc.

Step 2

AI Extracts Information

Our AI system pulls the comments and analyzes them to determine who completed the task, what was done, and how long it took

Step 3

Structured Data in Google Sheets

The analyzed data is automatically structured into a Google Sheets document for easy access and analysis

Step 4

Generate Reports

AI generates detailed reports on employee productivity and time management based on the structured data

Step 5

Predict Task Duration

Over time, the system begins to estimate how long each task should take based on historical data, helping in planning and resource allocation

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Our Commitment to You

At AINSYS, our values guide everything we do.
Here’s how we put our principles into action for your benefit.

Our primary goal is to drive measurable improvements in your outreach and engagement metrics.
Customer-Centric Approach
We prioritize your needs, offering personalized support and tailored features to ensure your success.
Integrity and Transparency
We ensure clear communication, fair pricing, and straightforward terms to build trust and long-term partnerships.
AI Explorer
Ideal for trials, personal use, and small-scale AI projects
Instant activation: Begins in <5 minutes
Hassle-free: No support or onboarding needed
Experience AI automation firsthand
Pay as you go: Only for AI usage you need
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starts at


AI Pioneer
Suited for solopreneurs, startups, and small businesses
Everything in AI Explorer+
Includes advanced workflows, support, and onboarding
Guaranteed ROI* or we refund your investment
For 1 user, up to 750 leads per month
Quick Start: Start in <5 minutes
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starts at


/ month
AI Vanguard
For SMBs, startups, and enterprises seeking scalable AI solutions
Everything in AI Pioneer+
Features CRM, ERP integration via our IPaaS, and extra customization
3 users and up to 3000 leads
Commitment: 3-month with a pay-as-you-go approach
Quick deployment: Set up within 24-72 hours
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starts at


/ month
Premium plan for businesses ready to fully embrace AI
For businesses ready to fully embrace AI
Ultimate customization to align AI with your processes
Comprehensive data management and prompt engineering support
Tailored development from our expert team, MVP within 2-3 weeks
Commitment: 6-month @ $10,000/mon on a time-and-material basis
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starts at


/ month

Frequently asked questions

Is there a free tier?

Yes, AINSYS offers a free tier with our "For Beginners" plan. This plan is ideal for trials, personal use, and small-scale AI projects. It includes access for one user and allows you to generate up to 20 leads per month.

How do I get started with AINSYS?

First, download and install our plugin from the Chrome Extensions Store. Once installed, create an account, and you can begin exploring our features within minutes.

Can AINSYS be used by non-technical users?

Yes, AINSYS is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to both technical and non-technical users. Our no-code and low-code solutions make it easy for anyone to set up and manage data integrations and AI-driven outreach without needing extensive technical knowledge.

What are the system requirements for using the AINSYS plugin?

The AINSYS plugin is compatible with the Chrome browser. It requires an internet connection and a device running a recent version of Windows, macOS, or Linux.

What is the difference between the different pricing plans?

AINSYS offers four pricing plans:

  • For Beginners: Free, ideal for personal use and small-scale AI projects, includes 1 user and up to 20 leads per month.
  • For Advanced Users: Starting at $100/month, designed for solopreneurs and small businesses, includes 1 user and up to 750 leads per month, with CRM integration and support.
  • For Experts: Starting at $1400/month, tailored for SMBs and enterprises, includes 3 users and up to 3000 leads each, with full setup, advanced integrations, and customization.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing, for large teams and high-volume use, includes unlimited users and leads, with 24/7 support and comprehensive data management.
How does AINSYS use AI for lead generation?

AINSYS uses AI to automate the prospecting process. The AI scans and analyzes vast amounts of public data to identify high-potential leads, personalizes communication, and automates follow-ups, significantly boosting engagement and conversion rates.

Can I customize the AINSYS platform to fit my needs?

Yes, the AINSYS platform is highly customizable. Users can tailor the system to their specific requirements, including creating custom workflows, integrating with various tools, and configuring AI-driven processes to match their business needs.

How often are updates and improvements made to AINSYS?

AINSYS is committed to continuous improvement. We regularly release updates and enhancements to our platform to ensure it remains cutting-edge and meets the evolving needs of our users. Users are notified of updates as they become available.

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