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Redshift Performance

Get actionable insights for your Redshift data warehouse

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Finally understand

Your Warehouse Spend

Optimize Dashboard Performance
Get optimized performance of your data visualization dashboards with complete visibility into the data being used. Eliminate dashboard inefficiencies and slow loading data.
Warehouse Insights
Instantly see data warehouse performance tied to your business operations and new digital solutions. Analytics teams can now instantly understand how users engage with the data they prepare, so they can manage the customers’ experience.
at Your Fingertips
Have data warehouse optimization recommendations delivered directly to you and your team whenever you need them. Access the dashboard anytime or schedule report emails to be sent at any cadence for total performance monitoring.
Data Price Optimization
Instantly understand what factors are driving your data costs, and how to optimize your spend across all projects and pipelines. Pricing reports make cost factors simple to read and consume so that you can easily optimize your total warehouse spent.

Data Warehouse Insights
Platform Capabilities

Warehouse Auto-Capture
Automatically capture & store jobs, tables, and users metadata to analyze everything important happening in your warehouse
Seamless Integrations
Unmask end-user identity and models connected to your warehouse by introspecting SQL text and storing the metadata as a job property
Table Dependencies
Visualize the tables & columns your queries touch to see dependencies between users, models, and tables with our query parser
Behavioral Analysis
Optimize data with a cohort analysis to surface trends in access patterns and how users engage with that data over time
No-Code Setup
We don’t ever access your data because our SaaS product collects metadata from your warehouse with zero coding

What Our DWH Insights Customers Say...

We've been using AINSYS since its Alpha release in September 2022, and it's been a game-changer for our data management.
John D.
AINSYS has been a breath of fresh air for our team since we started using it during the Alpha stage. The workgroup collaboration feature is ...
Sarah L.
Project Manager
We've been testing AINSYS since its Alpha release, and it's been an invaluable tool for our data management. The platform's speed and stability have steadi...
Alex R.
Data Engineer

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