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Have total confidence in your data quality with custom automated alerting
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Top Observability Sources


Alert Types

Count null values in your columns
Total number of rows in a table as an autometric once per table
Count of distinct elements in each column to be used when you expect a fixed number of value options.
Min & Max
Minimum & maximum valueof the column
Column median computed as the 50th percentile, and will only return a value in the dataset. Not valid for the MySQL source type.
Statistical column skew, used to determine how evenly the values are distributed about the mean. Negative skews means a larger tail below the mean, a positive skew indicates a larger tail above the mean.
Statistical column variance, used to track the spread of numbers beyond the average.
Geometric Mean
The geometric mean column is used for a set of numbers whose values are meant to be multiplied together or are exponential in nature.
Freshness (hrs)
Difference between the metric collection time and the maximum column value, in hours.
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Get Data
Peace of Mind
Set & forget your alerts and receive notifications for any data problems.
Focus On
Your Data
Spend time driving business value from your data, not worrying about your data quality and datasets.
Enjoy Company-Wide
Data Credibility
Nothing damages employees’ trust in your data like upstream data issues & inaccuracies. Instantly know about any data issues so you can resolve them before they become a downstream problem.
Align Upstream Data Owners
Many data issues are caused by changes that happen upstream (e.g. in the business applications). Get business owners data alerts to know when to fix their data.

Data Observability
Platform Capabilities

Fully Automated Monitoring
Set & forget your alerts and receive notifications for any data problems.
Flexible & Tailored Alerts
Customize your alerts based on data and business needs.
Real-time Alerts
Monitor your data in real-time or set custom monitoring times.
Manage & Resolve Alerts
Ensure alerts are acknowledged and resolved as they arise and access historical alert resolution tracking.
Analytics & Reporting
End to end reporting of your alerts to help identify trends or recurring data set issues.

What Our ELT & CDC  Customers Say...

We've been using AINSYS since its Alpha release in September 2022, and it's been a game-changer for our data management.
John D.
AINSYS has been a breath of fresh air for our team since we started using it during the Alpha stage. The workgroup collaboration feature is ...
Sarah L.
Project Manager
We've been testing AINSYS since its Alpha release, and it's been an invaluable tool for our data management. The platform's speed and stability have steadi...
Alex R.
Data Engineer

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