Integrating services

AINSYS offers innovative integration solutions to streamline workflows and create a central source of truth, enabling businesses to focus on growth.

Say you are looking to create or update IT infrastructure for your business, be it a small one or a larger company. Chances are, you are looking for the most advanced state-of-art solutions applied in your industry, or maybe your team has specific preferences or possesses expertise for implementing certain systems. Whatever the case – you are in for an adventure!

There are tens of thousands of useful applications on the market, with more coming out every year! On average, companies introduce around 80 applications into their workflows to fulfill all the needs of their employees and enhance productivity.

The usefulness of Integrating services cannot be understated. It allows information to flow through the company, unlocks data silos, and reduces routine operations to a bare minimum, allowing your employees to focus on more important and creative tasks. Integrations are considered so crucial that best vendors offer marketplaces with extensions and custom apps that will enable apps to connect. Integration platforms are also a popular solution. Such solutions are ok, but only when used sparingly and managed well; otherwise, an automation project can quickly descend into chaos, especially when scaling. Soon a spaghetti of different dataflows and connections is formed, and you can’t even keep track of why things in your business, let alone update or make this data useful. This is certainly not the way to manage critical IT infrastructure!

An integration framework can help you manage numerous business processes and IT tools to create a single central Source of Truth. A so-called Data Warehouse would allow you to hook new apps and store your structured data after the initial setup.

If you don’t treat this matter seriously, you can expect plenty of problems to arise: starting from not being able to switch to newer, better solutions, dependency on people who maintain your infrastructure, and security risks. Also, you need a game plan to update your systems. At the same time, the integration will not become more complicated the more systems you connect.

AINSYS offers

The AINSYS product will allow you to do all of that. We are proud to share our no-code tools: open-source connectors that would allow your team to create, edit, and test data pipelines on the fly — skipping the need to collect requirements and write a lengthy design doc and technical documentation.

If you need to exchange non-standard or legacy solutions, our team is happy to create the connectors you need. The best part? We don’t need specification docs or lengthy confirmations from you either – all the requirements and tests are formed automatically by our system. Moreover, while your new solution is being developed and tested, your team can continue working the way everyone is used to. You can still keep data both in separate apps and a data warehouse that would allow you to transfer information between these applications in real-time.

We also offer APIs, preset tools, libraries, and software development kits that would empower developers and partners to create their solutions on top of the platform.

With AINSYS, you can focus on data transfer and enrichment first, thanks to our ready-to-use automation recipes and workflow management tools.

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