Data security and Compliance

Explore data security challenges and how AINSYS offers solutions to protect sensitive information.

Data security and Compliance

Data security can get tricky. Every successful company has to counter confidentiality risks while building a functional infrastructure, with data leaks and breaches being a constant threat.

Why does it happen?

First, creating data pipelines to integrate software is a must for finding the best solutions for your business. Of course, all details of the company’s inner workings must be documented and made available to project participants, including access to sensitive information. This elevates security risks, especially if there are external experts involved.

Let’s face it: NDAs are only effective when people want to abide by rules. However, not providing access to information necessary for implementation means putting the project’s success at risk.

Current solutions do not provide the necessary flexibility. Managers want to be able to assign permissions exclusively to the persons responsible for certain tasks so that they could fulfill their objectives. In most cases, the company discloses unnecessary information, raising the risk of compromising the business. Also, client data is saved on different platforms without a central data warehouse. CRM systems become “too integrated” with too many apps. So even if the company does create a central structure, there is still no way to build a comprehensive catalog of data assets held by the organization, leading to sensitive client data being shared between many systems.

AINSYS allows marking data through the central Truth Source. Thanks to our workflows, whenever you interact with them, you can detect what data has been transferred and where. This kind of structure will never allow any data-related concerns to become possible. AINSYS’ Truth Source will create a backup of customer’s data in the cloud. Such backup can save your data if a cloud service provider experiences an outage or you lose access to the data for any reason. With AINSYS, you can have an alternative system up and running in no time, saving your team work days.

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