AINSYS Solution Details

Learn about the evolving automation landscape and AINSYS' role in simplifying integration and customization.

The automation and system integration market offers thousands and thousands applications and solutions for the implementation of specialized tasks. The best ones have taken over that same market. Highly-skilled professionals have to learn and implement more and more tools.

Often, they don’t even have a say in the matter due to giants, such as Google Ads, Facebook, Linkedin, Amazon, currently dominating the market, building new products for systematizing and optimizing work processes and analytics. No surprise there — these companies prefer focusing on the core of their business, while a larger community of developers and partners promotes their stability.

To make their platforms easy-to-update and scalable, almost every major service has also built their own solutions marketplace, APIs, and SDKs. This creates a community оf developers that can provide support, customization and integration services.

But there is still room for growth. New actors enter the market with innovative business models all the time just look — at such examples as Adobe vs Figma, Salesforce vs other CRMs, Atlassian or Github for IT development. These companies are eager to take charge of their market share.

Often this is done through covering maximum requests by increasing the number of service features and attracting new customers this way. No wonder their IT specialists are constantly searching for new, efficient, and user-friendly tools.

There is no solution suitable for every professional and every issue. However, customized ones that have made leaps to high-growth success in their respective fields surpass businesses that try to hit every market demand. If you are looking to implement the most advanced tools, you have to deal with service integration and configure data exchange between these systems. Integration is never easy and requires a lot of effort from the developers’ side. Later on, these integrations demand a lengthy refinement process and proper support, while implementing new instruments becomes more and more complicated. On top of that, modern technologies become obsolete and they do so in the blink of an eye.

Ideally, every specialist requires a solution that could:

  • Help deploy a package of advanced applications as fast as possible;
  • Easily integrate services already used by the company;
  • Be updated later on.

The AINSYS platform that doubles as a framework will provide you with a solution like that. We offer access to connectors that would allow you to bring together all your external services, web hooks, and APIs through the central Truth Source. Parts of our tool are open source, which allows our clients to customize and adapt to the most stringent customer requirements imaginable.

Our product will help you to:

  • Organize communication betweens connected services.

Our tools will extract data from different applications and then load it into the Data Warehouse system. This way you will be able to sync data between different apps and databases within organization’s infrastructure;

  • Implement changes quickly and efficiently with templates.

Set up a connector once anywhere in your system to create recipes and use templates that could be accessed by any other user of the framework;

  • Outsource work to third party developers without sacrificing privacy.

They will only have access to connectors, data pipelines, and entities they are personally responsible for integrating and developing, while the rest of the company’s infrastructure will be concealed by the AINSYS system;

  • Increase productivity during tasks multithreading.

AINSYS provides instruments for dividing and distributing tasks between different teams, allowing every employee to work in their own system;

  • Organize workgroup collaboration with non-technical personnel.

Facilitate workgroup interactions and empower employees to discuss and setup data pipelines without help of developers and other tools to manage the process.

Stay tuned for more!

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