AINSYS mission and vision

Explore how AINSYS aims to drive innovation and technology adoption to help create a sustainable and abundant global economy.

“To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable economy of abundance via facilitating early and widespread adoption of innovations and technology, eliminating technical and education barriers for system integrations, use of AI, ML, IT solutions, IoT, automation.”

Our vision

Climate change. Ecological and humanitarian catastrophes. Wars, pandemics and famine. So many overwhelming problems that confronting them makes you feel hopeless, like there is no future. The UN Secretary General’s High‐Level Panel on Global Sustainability in 2012 provided global leaders with recommendations that can be roughly summed up as the following: “Make as many people around the world as rich, educated and healthy as fast as possible while promoting equality of opportunity”. It reasoned that fixing our planet can become a positive side effect of people efficiently using resources as they become wealthier and better educated.

This goal of achieving a sustainable economy of abundance worldwide seems  so great that it cannot be dealt with successfully. However, if we look at this problem from the first principles, technologies widely available today are already quite capable of solving even the most challenging global issues. In the modern world, the major barrier to achieving prosperity is not the lack of resources or absence of some wonder-technology like Tesla’s humanoid Optimus robot. It is geopolitical realities and corruption arising from human nature that are the main culprit, and this battle has been waging for centuries now.

Of course, these issues are much more complicated than that. However, it is extremely challenging to achieve higher levels of technological development and system integration, required for any economy to grow and be competitive, without competent leadership and efficient organizational structures. Once a culture of fostering innovation and healthy hierarchies of competence are established, it seems that nothing is impossible. Let’s take SpaceX and Tesla as examples. Look at what was achieved in the last 15 years! But we cannot rely on big corporations to solve this crisis. All hierarchies tend to become corrupt; therefore, to solve this issue in a sustainable way, we must empower individuals, solopreneurs and SMBs

Now imagine if we had a framework offering tools and methodology for establishing a healthy work culture worldwide! What if one person could help implement a state of the arts enterprise-level IT infrastructure for any solopreneur or SMB at the touch of a button? A framework that would connect businesses and developers and facilitate implementation fine-tuning! Think about the reduction of business management complexity and the increase in productivity we could achieve! Only if we could mass distribute and integrate state-of-the-art productivity software and hardware on the global scale without limits and unconstrained by lack of resources!

Today, AINSYS is aiming for this exact vision. A framework and a marketplace that will empower individuals and businesses to innovate and integrate technologies at a never-before-seen velocity.

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