AINSYS Integration framework

AINSYS offers a no-code solution to transform data management and streamline business processes.

AINSYS Integration framework exits stealth mode to transform automation, data management and accelerate pace of innovation worldwide.

Digital transformation unleashed

AINSYS, a startup developing a framework for system integration and automation, has released an Alpha version of its product on the 20th of September 2022 exiting stealth. “We are aiming to offer a new, superior kind of automation, data management and system integration product that will favorably differ from current market offerings” Vladímir Kúbikov Smulski, CEO and co-founder of the UK-based startup, declared in a statement.

AINSYS framework aims to connect businesses with software developers and integrators and offer them a methodology and tools – a framework – to perform complex automation and system integration.

“While others are making IPaaS or integration platforms, we are shooting for a full-fledged framework. It is no-code for end-users and aimed at simplicity, but for developers, AINSYS offers so much more… Parts of the solution are open-source, so tinkering is encouraged, and a bug bounty program is definitely in the wings. Moreover, as a systems integrator or a developer, you can actually create custom connectors, APIs, as well as you own proprietary and solutions and commercialize it via the AINSYS marketplace. This way we are hoping to reduce the time to serve customers by a factor of 10 at least” Vladímir boasted.

Now a team of 15, AINSYS employees were hard at work for 2 years, having released over 3 MVPs behind closed doors. IPaaS industry is a really hard market to enter and the challenges still await. Achieving first product-market fit was a real challenge, but now since the product has gained some traction, the team is hoping for public beta by mid-October 2022. You are welcome to visit our website and join the waiting list at right now.

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